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"Changed my life for the better"

"Changed my life for the better"

I never thought I’d see the day where a Jug Hugger would completely change my life for the better!! 😍 I’ve struggled for the longest time staying hydrated. I have many instances where I’ve come close to passing out from not drinking enough. I always thought about carrying a jug with me but really just wasn’t into it. When I found out about The Jug Hugger I was so pleased with it! I could drink water in style 😎 Who doesn’t love something that can hold your keys, money, phone and more! I can literally take this with me everywhere and it holds everything I need! Since I have used the jug hugger I have never run into an issue again on being dehydrated! Complete lifesaver! I know have a jug in almost every color!! You can even get your own personalized logo on it, so I get to represent myself and the jug hugger at the same time!❤️

- Megan D. - Middletown, CT


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