About Us

The idea behind the Jug Hugger™ came to the co-creator, Amanda Otero, as an “aha” moment while sitting in a busy doctor’s office back in 2012. Back then carrying a gallon jug was not as common as it is today, and she kept getting funny looks when she drank from her jug in public. She wanted to solve the problem of feeling uncomfortable without having to leave her gallon jug at home.

As health & fitness professionals always emphasize, it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Let’s take into consideration an average size bottle of water, which holds 16.9fl oz of water. You would need to carry around 7 ½ of those average size bottles of water to fill the gallon quota.

The Jug Hugger™ is a unique fashion accessory originally developed as a cover to camouflage gallon jugs. Advancing on the original Jug Hugger™, co-creator Christopher Stacy, added user-friendly and functional elements.

 With our array of colors, you’ll have no problem dressing your jug for work or play.

 - Creators and fellow #JugFam

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