Gallon Jug Cover – The Jug Hugger® Collection

Tired of receiving endless stares as you walk around in public with an exposed jug? We’re talking about your gallon water jug, the ones you carry around the gym so you can stay hydrated without having to hit the water fountain every five minutes. If you’ve been feeling awkward about hauling around a plain, boring jug that sweats on all kinds of surfaces, lament no more!  

The Jug Hugger® is a water gallon jug cover perfect for hiding your bare jugs. It’s also the only fully-encompassing gallon jug cover made of recycled neoprene, which means that it absorbs all jug sweat and condensation. Available in a variety of colors and designs, it also contains pockets perfect for securing all of your personal items, especially useful if those leggings you love don’t have pockets (they almost never do). 

We also have personalization options for your new gallon jug cover. Shop for your fully-encompassing gallon jug cover today!