Punisher Series

Each of the thin line series is printed on our Standard 3mm Black Neoprene Jug Hugger® custom ordered for you. Select the Thin Line you would like from our collection: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver or Yellow.

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The Thin Line represents the fallen, the memory of comrades, support for active members, and symbolizes the growing relationship with the community.

Blue = Police
Green = Military/Federal Agents
White = EMS
Orange = Search & Rescue Personnel/EMS
Red = Fire
Silver = Corrections Officers/Prison Guards
Yellow = Security Officers/Retail Loss Prevention


**No additional personalizations can be made to the Thin Line Series**

** Punisher Thin Line Series Jug Huggers are printed per order. Please allow 10-14 business days for your Punisher Thin Line Jug Hugger to be printed, processed and shipped**


**All Punisher Thin Lines are hand printed, may have slight variance to display image**

**(All customizations are final once printed, absolutely NO returns on custom items)**