My First Experience

My first experience with The Jug Hugger was after I got so many strange looks in school carrying around my jug. I wanted a functional and fashionable item to help mask the thing so I searched around and happened to be following Amanda. She posted her product and I fell in love with the functionality and fashion forward look. I literally carry my jug everywhere now and I'm not ashamed of having it. I get stopped on the street, in the gym, virtually everywhere so people can ask me about my jug cover and I'm happy to say that it's also helping a small business expand in the industry. This couldn't have been a more flawlessly designed product that helps with virtually everything from carrying all my things inconspicuously such as cards, keys, etc to the common things like jug sweat on my desk and counters at home. My first purchase was 3 years ago and I have a lot of the line and will continue to add to my collection.

Devin Symone - Lakeland, FL


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