The Jug Squad Ambassadors

We are so excited to have such a strong squad of Jug Hugger Ambassadors.  All of our ambassadors began as users and members of our jug family.  Based on how much they liked their personal Jug Hugger they then reached out to us and we brought them on as ambassadors.  We proudly present our #JugSquad! 

Edwin Montoya Jug Hugger

Edwin Montoya - IG: @edwin_texas

Susana Montez Shredz Trainer Jug Hugger

Susana Montez - IG: @itsheartbreaker

Dion Boss Dickerson Jug Hugger

Dion Dickerson - IG: @DionFit

Hope Smallwonder Trask Jug Hugger

Hope "Smallwonder" Trask - IG: @HopeSmallwonder

Rebekah Jug Hugger

Rebekah Kathleen Clementson - IG: @RebekahKFit

Rebecca Labrake JH

Rebecca Labrake - IG: @missbeckymarie

Tawny Basile Jug Hugger

Tawny Basile - IG: @gymbarbie

Kristina Rojas Jug Hugger

Kristina Rojas - IG: @Klrfit

Becky Brown Jug Hugger

Becky Brown - IG: @fystiebrown

Michael Smith Jug Hugger

Michael Smith - IG: @fittattoomike

Ashley Noble Jug Hugger

Ashley Noble - IG: @ashly_noble


Heather Lowin Jug Hugger

Heather Lowin - IG: @Heatherrlee

Elizabeth Mendes Jug Hugger

Elizabeth Mendes - IG: @elizabeth_marie_fit

Madison Bosurgi Jug Hugger

Madison Bosurgi - IG: @Madison_Christa

Krystyna Chmura Jug Hugger

Krystyna Chmura - IG: @Krystyna_bikini

Devine Symone Payne Jug Hugger

Devin-Symone Payne - IG: @officialdsp

Dean Szakacs Jug Hugger

Dean Szakacks - IG: @DeanofPhysique

Jennifer Sparks Jug Hugger

Jennifer Sparks - IG: @princess_beast_jenn

Lacey D Marks Jug Hugger

Lacey Marks - IG: @laceydmarks 



Tony Ruby - AKA Eurofit

Tony Ruby - IG: @Eurofitgym