Jug Hugger® Grinch Edition

Jug Hugger

$ 31.50 $ 34.99

The Jug Hugger® was designed for anyone with a need to stay hydrated, stay organized, and stay fashionable. The Jug Hugger® is a 3mm neoprene fashionable cover that not only keeps your gallon of water cool, but also has two conveniently placed side pockets and a metal utility clasp.  One of the pockets will hold any phone the size of an iPhone 8+ or smaller, while the second pocket is designed specifically for an ID, credit card, or spare cash. The metal clasp is a great place to hook your keys or perhaps a gym towel.  The Jug Hugger® is the new must have accessory you can't leave home without.

                                                     - BPA Free Jug Sold Separately



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